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Our Expectations

What commitments do we expect from you in this working relationship?

Financial planning is personal, so we will ask you to share with us, data and issues that you may not share with anyone, including your family. The quality of our advice will depend on the quality of information you provide.

The more effectively we are able to communicate with one another, the more valuable your long-term plan will be.

It is important that you inform us about changes that may have a significant effect on your life, such as marriage, a new baby, any new major financial obligations, change of income, change of health, etc.

We ask you to carefully review all communications and statements. Please report any errors to us and/or ask for clarification on anything you do not understand. If you find we are speaking in terms you are not familiar with, please make us aware of it.

The most important element of a financial plan is giving it a chance to work. This involves following through on the smallest details. This does not mean everything must be done exactly as it is initially planned. It means when an element of the plan needs to change, it is changed through the planning process. Further, we ask you to follow our investment management recommendations for at least five years, with the intent to allow any early market declines ample time to recover.

Your plan should be continually updated and fine tuned so it is perfectly designed for you. Those who make an honest effort to follow their financial plan are the most successful at reaching their goals.